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Emotional Intelligence Consultant

DB Bedford has several years of professional experience in consulting and training with an extensive background in criminal justice and crisis intervention. DB originally created iNeverWorry, as a movement to create an awareness of personal and professional interactions and how to positively influence them. 

In 2015, he published his first book, iNeverWorry, which provides a unique perspective on Emotional Intelligence and Temperament Theory; currently iNeverWorry helps individuals and couples, employers/employees, colleges and universities, and other organizations achieve higher levels of success through training seminars, retreats, and more utilizing his proprietary platform

These two brought great energy to one of our Emotional Intelligence trainings. They discovered that Gold was their Temperament color and embraced it wholeheartedly.Two good spirited folks, one dynamic training.

These two brought great energy to one of our Emotional Intelligence trainings. They discovered that Gold was their Temperament color and embraced it wholeheartedly.Two good spirited folks, one dynamic training.

You are always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel.
— Robert Tew

Emotional Intelligence

It's a Different Kind of Smart

Training platform

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a solution based approach to managing stress and emotions. It's a different kind of smart; it affects how we navigate social complexities and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. Practicing EI is very simple to incorporate into all the areas of your daily living and is the key to achieving higher levels of success both personally and professionally. Our proprietary training is facilitated through the lens of temperament theory, storytelling and the laws of attraction. 

Participants are introduced to these remarkable skills by way of innovative group exercises and by using an interactive personality instrument that decodes the various types of personalities we run across every day, in every situation. 

This easy to learn system identifies 4 different evidence based temperament types and provides participants with a unique perspective of their personal and social competencies. 

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of EI training participants will learn to:

  • Recognize their own strengths as well as the strengths of others.

  • Better manage their emotions and be able to skillfully respond to the emotions of others.

  • Build rapport quickly with co-workers, clients, customers, family members, and friends.

  • Listen to and speak the language of other temperament groups.

  • Understand how others process information for more effective communication

  • Modify communication styles to connect well with others.

No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.
— Unknown

What We Do

We live in a world today where emotionally charged events are impacting the workplace and the public as a whole on a daily basis. Conflict and negativity in anyone's life decreases the chances of being a top performer, personally and/or professionally.

Emotional Intelligence is something that is a bit intangible but it's planted inside each and every one of us. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. Most of us simply have not discovered the powerful tool of Emotional Intelligence, but the great news is that when we take a moment to learn this skill, every area of our lives, personally and professionally, can rise to a new and exciting level.

iNeverWorry Consulting LLC developed a proprietary platform that inspires people to navigate the world through the lens of emotional intelligence as they move through their everyday lives, and is a different type of consulting and training service. We are expert strategists that helps our clients with their most complex challenges. We build tailored solutions to assist in achieving sustained growth with simple to implement solutions that are innovative, fun, and exciting while at the same time utilizing evidence based instrument tools.


Emotional Intelligence Retreats
Retreats for individuals and couples in various exciting and fun locations across the United States that include EI training, a catered lunch and beverages, and an EI Starter Kit (tshirt, book, and bracelet)



Our trainings can be customized to meet the needs of most companies with at least 20 employees who may be struggling with employee conflicts, job performance concerns and counterproductive cultures. 

Our competitive advantage is that we have a one of a kind training platform; we are the only company that provides not only effective training but merchandise and additional reading tools to everyone in attendance at no additional cost

  • Emotional Intelligence training for businesses/corporations/non-profits

  • Professional Development for executive, management, sales, customer service, and more

  • Coaching

  • Lunch and Learn Sessions


  • Professional Development Days for all levels of staff

  • Guest speaking in classrooms utilizing the iNeverWorry book as part of the curriculum

Always be emotionally prepared for people to
switch up on you at anytime.
— DB Bedford


iNeverWorry Podcast is a conversational platform where we discuss Emotional Intelligence with everyday people managing everyday situations.
— DB Bedford


Emotional Intelligence Retreat

Behind the Scenes

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